she's a streetlight

singer & songwriter from mainz, germany

hi. my name is jessica. i like post-punk, indie, pop, alternative and acoustic music. take a look at my recent projects.

Peru, Like The Country

bandmember | singer & songwriter

post-punk band together with my brother patrick and my uncle jean, head of bellorophon records. dark, intense and joy-division'esque. glad to be part of this.


this is our latest song "aloys" about an old man we met in vienna (04/17). enjoy.


you'll find a bunch of songs, EPs and LPs and videos here:





Projekt Oktopus

bandmember | singer & songwriter

indie-pop-alternative project together with my very gifted friend johannes, mostly acoustic covers. every once in a while we record own stuff in a kind of way that feels right for us. a lot of creative energy surrounding our little combo using loopers, different instruments and making own videos.


this is our latest music video to our own song "89" (11/17). have fun with the lensflares.


and here you'll get a hint of the acoustic stuff we do at our rehearsals. here you're gonna see "Kemp" by Millencolin (08/17)




and this is just random. something out of recording bloopers and voice messages and probably the best thing we ever did. :)


more songs (interesting covers most) and videos:




Quite a Nice Channel

PROJEKT OKTOPUS side project:

youtube channel for music-equipment testing

we want to make the world a better place. that is why we do some music-equipment testing in our very own and special "projekt oktopus" way.


take a look at our microphone testing-video (04/17),


want more? find it here:





an union of different musicians under the leadership of cidulator, about to explore strange new worlds and sounds. crazy and intense and worth to be listened to.


next single featuring my voice is "gorky park" - coming soon.


also take a look here for more information on the whole project: